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When doctors are in charge,
workplace health really works.

At One to One Health, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost. We’ve proven that this is best controlled between doctors and patients.

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Through our physician leadership and patient-centered care, our clients consistently experience a reduction in total healthcare spend and an increase in employee engagement and satisfaction.

Care Quality Goes Up

Care Quality Goes Up

Costs Go Down

Patient-centered care
leads to better outcomes.

Even for your CFO.

The Institute of Medicine estimates that 30 percent of healthcare spending is wasted on unnecessary, or poorly delivered services. Our coordinated, comprehensive, and accessible model improves outcomes while lowering costs.

In One Year One Municipal Employer Saved


That’s just the Medical and Prescription Savings Sumner County Health realized with One To One Health between 2016-2017.
Other performance improvements included:

Overall reduction in Annual
health care Expenses
Reduction in the Rate of
Prescription Drug Increases
Patient Satisfaction

Doctors choosing doctors means better doctors.

Our doctors personally scrutinize and select the top performing primary care doctors, specialists, urgent care clinics and imaging centers in your area to ensure that everyone in your network adheres to our management philosophy for best quality care and cost efficiency.

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Our doctors scrutinize and select the top performing primary care doctors, specialists, urgent care clinics and imaging centers to provide your employees and their families with highest-value care, eliminating obstacles that diminish quality, drive up expenses, and frustrate patients, doctors, and employers.

One to One Health Network benefits include:

  • Cost-savings through co-pay differentials for members
  • Faster access to specialists
  • High-quality care that is cost-effective
  • Improved patient experience
  • Access to 24/7 hotline and urgent care centers
  • Physician-directed corporate health & wellness programming


One to One Health delivers positive results for employers large and small through customized corporate health care solutions.

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Brokers partner with One to One Health to team up and deliver mutual clients with innovative healthcare solutions and employee benefits options.

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