Navigating COVID-19

Lowering risk in schools, work, and sports.


To return to our places of business, our schools, and to resume playing our sports, we need effective strategies to move forward, to lower the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, despite its presence in our communities. One-to-One Health offers the maneuvers that help businesses and schools move forward in this pandemic.

What We’ve Done

Since the national emergency was declared on March 13, 2020, One to One Health staff has been advising businesses, factories, offices, and schools on pandemic management. We developed protocols before there were any, applying the habits and practices that we use daily in the medical office and in the operating room to daily life.

The more consults we did, the more we learned, allowing us to expand our practical knowledge. Applying scientific evidence-based practices to daily tasks: going to work, walking in your office, working at a desk, eating lunch…we created best practices and “playbooks” for each of our consultants. To local small business and schools, we’ve provided sound, practical, and accurate advice. 

Proven Practices

We have learned that the skills of partnership, problem solving, and a “get it done” philosophy is what drives our community. The common thread for our COVID-19 consultants has been a desire to get in front, to have a plan, to move forward with the lowest risk. They called on us for the medical science, and we were thrilled to participate. And we are prepared to take on more.

It can be done. Our consultants benefit from the broad experience the COVID-19 team at One to One Health has developed, learning along the way, and maintaining a belief that low risk activities start with personal responsibility. Not one day goes by where a new discovery in the behavior or treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infections and its prevention doesn’t change our advice to our clients. And we stay up to date.

Services Available

On-Site Clinic Evaluations of Facilities and Process

We will dispatch a dedicated team of healthcare professionals anywhere in the country for an on-site evaluation which includes evaluating buildings and assessing processes, equipment, high traffic areas, and touch points, etc.

Workplace Evaluation

This will include creating a specific plan for managing entrances to facilities, employee break rooms, and employee sequencing and scheduling, and much more.

Employer Pandemic Response

  • We will advise employers on how best to establish a Health Officer at each facility.
  • We will advise employers on how best to add clinical staff on-site for employee assessments.
  • We will assist employers in preparations for future pandemics, including
    establishing or altering internal plans for worker absences, flexible attendance
    and sick-leave policies, cross-training, etc.
  • We will will develop or review employer telework policies.
  • We will help employers educate employees on effective prevention measures.

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Who We Are

One-to-One is the only workplace and clinic healthcare provider operated by doctors. Even our CEO is an MD. Together, our physician leadership represents more than 80 years of medical expertise across all aspects of health care. So you can be sure better care comes from the top down.

  • Jen Hodges, MSM

    Jen is the Executive Vice President of Operations for One to One Health and oversees the Center for Healthy Living and the state-wide employee and spouse wellness program for Purdue University. As the pandemic started, Jen was instrumental in coordination of the evaluation teams for the Return to Work program as it developed and is currently focused on overseeing the Protect Purdue Health Center and all pandemic-related back to school efforts of One to One Health on Purdue's campus.

  • Keith Helton, MD

    Keith is the CEO of One to One Health.  Keith, along with the medical directors, renders medical advice as we decipher the on-going information on SARS-CoV-2 into easy to understand terms and work/school behaviors. With strong ties to Chattanooga, Keith's goal is to create the bridge between medicine and business to further the progress of our community and those we serve.

  • Ashley Berry, RN

    Ashley is the Vice President of Clinical Services for One to One Health, and lead the first site evaluations as Return to Work started.  With more than 10 years of healthcare management experience, Ashley oversees clinical operations including six clinics in Sumner County, as well as several clinics located in southeast Tennessee, and is the point of contact for new clients of the Return program.

  • David Bruce, MD

    David is a medical director of the One to One Return to Work/School/Sports program.  He is an orthopedic surgeon with fellowship training in pediatric orthopedics and sports medicine.  He earned a BS in microbiology at Auburn University.  With 20+ years of experience in orthopedic surgery, David is in private practice at RiverRun Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, and is the team doctor for both Baylor and McCallie schools.  From the beginning of the pandemic, he was hands-on in our community from the development and delivery of PPE to teaching athletes the hygiene practices to mitigate risk of COVID-19.

  • Lisa Smith, MD

    Lisa is a medical director of the One to One Return to Work/School/Sports program.  She is a pediatric surgeon in University Surgical Associates and holds dual appointments in the departments of Pediatrics and Surgery at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine--Chattanooga Unit as an assistant professor.  As medical director for Return to Work/School/Sports, she is a consultant for mulitple on-going committees of return to work and school and is hands-on creating the "playbooks" for businesses and schools, interpreting the ever-evolving science into everyday behaviors. 

Jen Hodges, MSM
Keith Helton, MD
Ashley Berry, RN
David Bruce, MD
Lisa Smith, MD